0066 Tooled Up

13:29 video

Leather-bound Lovely's Workshop Woe turns to Bound Orgasm Ordeal! Plus BONUS BTS!

Victoria is in trouble again! Bound and gagged on a workshop bench - what does her captor have in mind?

The workshop is a hive of activity this morning, rather unusual activity... A beautiful bikini-clad woman has been placed on the worktop, all strapped up in leather. It's Victoria Ransom, whose forearms are strapped together behind her back, legs similarly frog-tied, another strap in place below her breasts and wrapped around her arms. Oh, and a panel-gag is added to keep her quiet. As she struggles in bondage, we see plenty of her body: the bikini has a nice 'cut-out' for great cleavage shots, legs straining against the straps, bare feet wiggling. And then there's that lovely hair...

Now the fun really starts - for some of us, anyway. Victoria is manhandled, groped and generally inconvenienced by the bad guy, and a vibrator is brought out and plugged in, then placed in just the right spot to get Ms Ransom going. There's plenty of wriggling and 'mmpphh'-ing (and some enjoyment, too), before our damsel is flipped onto her back and finally un-gagged for the coup de grace. A hand-gag stops her getting too loud, as the picture fades. Will there be further 'work' done today?

PLUS behind-the-scenes bonus: See Victoria get leathered-up ahead of her ordeal. She's smiling at the moment...

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