0064 MILF Playdate - Full Length Custom Video co-starring Ami Mercury

20:37 video

MILF Housewives get Tied Up & Torment Each Other – Electrical Tape, Rope, Bound Bare Feet & Big Toes! A Full Length Custom Video Starring Victoria Ransom & Ami Mercury!

Victoria & Ami are MILFs of two boys. Ami is nice while Victoria is sorta mean. Both are dressed informally - wearing jeans, and long sleeved blouses. Victoria you’re both seated on the couch. Ami starts video by saying, "It's so nice for the boys to be playing together. Victoria replies that, "I can see why you'd really like that for your son. He's such a nightmare and is a bad influence on my boy." Ami says, "I'm sorry Victoria feel that way but it's still great that the boys are friends and playing well together. Victoria, miffed, walks off saying "Whatever" … Victoria returns later finding Ami with her shoes and socks removed, taped up and gagged with black electrical tape around soles of her feet and her big toes. Her gag is a yellow sponge stuffed into her mouth completely then she's cleave gagged with black electrical tape. Her feet are propped up on a coffee table. Victoria walks in, inspecting Ami's bindings and gag laughingly. Ami is grunting and struggling the entire time. She tries to say through her gag that it was actually Victoria’s son not hers who taped her up, but Victoria responds dismissively, unable to understand these attempts at gag-talk!

Victoria leaves again, just a couple steps, while we hear Victoria say, "Oh hi sweetie. I see you've got more tape to help with Ami. I think he's already done a pretty good job on her, so you don't need any more.. Hey! What are you doing? Get off NOW!” Then we hear muffled sounds through a gag…

Victoria hops back towards the couch and Ami, joining her struggling while seated on the settee with bare feet propped up. The MILF housewives are furious, grunting as they struggle. Now we cut to Victoria and Ami both hogtied on the floor with more black electrical tape. After a few minutes of struggling on the ground, a bunch of rope is thrown towards Victoria and Ami…

We cut to Victoria both hogtied in rope while just wearing bra & panties, and additional bindings on soles of feet and toes. Gagged generously with a mouth-stuffing gag of sponge secured by clear tape. Victoria & Ami struggle for a while, futilely. Then the boys return... Ami begs to be let go while Victoria yell & curse at them. Cut to Ami untied and fully dressed while Victoria you’re still hogtied & gagged the same as previous scene. Ami talks about teaching Victoria a lesson while she checks over Victoria’s knots and begins worshipping Victoria’s feet. She sucks on each of Victoria’s toes, focusing on Victoria’s tied big toes. She also licks Victoria’s soles. Victoria grunts disapprovingly occasionally while Ami does this, not enjoying it at all as her feet get increasingly wet with Ami’s saliva. Finally, Ami stops and says, "My son and I are going to return home now. Good luck with YOUR little tie-up game!" Victoria struggles by herself, hogtied alone on the floor. Victoria’s tone has changed, with big, pleading eyes instead of angry like before, as her predicament sinks in...

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