0050 BONUS Guest Update Starring Victoria & Sandra Silvers

15:21 video

A Special Guest Update as a BONUS to my members, from the site of Gorgeous Sandra Silvers! Red Hot MILF Sandra Delivers Victoria’s 1st Bondage Orgasm Experience!

Victoria had been telling me how she always wondered what the action movie heroines felt like when they got tied up. Whenever a scene came on screen showing a starlet tied up and gagged, Victoria started to feel a particular are grow warm, she confided to me, that these bondage scenes got her all wet… Well we were well place to work this day dream curiosity into a real life experience!

As a buxom ladyboss in red satin blouse, tight skirt and heels, I have bound and gagged Victoria with brown leather belts, to a Y shaped platform in the warehouse over at Silverdale Studios. With her smooth, chocolatey skinned legs spread open on the wooden bondage device, Victoria feels vulnerable, spread out and strapped down in her slinky silky lingerie. This pretty black girl with a smile that lights the room is enjoying playing the damsel role, as I play her snatcher. Setting up a timer I plan to astound my restrained girlfriend with just how many orgasms I will wring out of her as the minutes tick by… Using a Hitiachi wand to make Victoria cry out as she cums over and over again!

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